Bespoke Joinery
Alex Jane Ireland




Whether you already have a design for your custom joinery project or you're just at the idea stage, talk to us.

  • Digital project planning and resourcing
  • Digital design & imagery
  • Custom & bespoke joinery for home, commercial or hospitality.

Our unbeatable range of materials allows you to select the perfect finish for your joinery project.

  • Birch-ply for a modern aesthetic
  • Traditional hardwoods including oak and walnut
  • Modern composite woods including MFC, MDF & HDF
  • Exquisite veneers

All out custom & bespoke joinery projects begin their life in our own Lough Neagh joinery.

  • Skilled craftsmen
  • Combining the best of traditional & modern techniques
  • An unparalleled selection of materials
  • Renowned Lough Neagh passion & quality

Talk to us now to start your bespoke joinery project