Polished concrete by
Surface Design Studio




Polished concrete is a stunning, modern flooring option that is both durable and sustainable. With a range of coloured oxides, alternative aggregates and different polishing techniques you will be amazed at the wide range of finishes.

  • Cream polished concrete
  • Exposed polished concrete
  • Coloured polished concrete
  • External & slip resistant polished concrete

Some of our recent polished concrete projects include:

  • Polished concrete floors
  • Polished concrete kitchen worktops
  • Commercial polished concrete
  • Residential polished concrete
  • External / outdoor polished concrete

The stylish and organized interior represents the way to feel happy and complete. Design and comfort are primarily important for the success of a person's life.

  • Commercial & residential concrete polishing
  • Polished concrete restoration
  • Polished concrete worktops & countertops
  • Polished concrete sinks & basins
  • Polished concrete fireplaces
  • Polished concrete garden and barbecue areas

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